acf7ba33085305.56c5a0e6cc6beArt philosophers from the ancient times had categorization disputes about art, as a particular cultural practice or any piece of work can be categorized as art. Thus the definition of art remains exposed, independent and debatable. The concept of art has undergone several changes through centuries. The perception of art continues to stir arguments till today, being vulnerable to numerous interpretations. This would streamline the concept of arts, now widened to embrace fine arts, digital arts and so on. Thus art in simple terms can be stated as a practice of human expression in an innovative manner.

horse_photomanip___through_air_and_water__by_flyingginger-d6kn4y3Travelling through the mid-20th epoch, the theoretical transformations that ascended from novel styles of art led to a dilemma in aesthetic features, as demonstrated in new art forms. Digital art appeals to aesthetics by resourcing ideas from other fields. Utilizing digital media to generate art might seem easier than by means of traditional media. But operating with digital media, the computer, scanner, software will not differ from the process of creating art using any other media. The computer and its every other implements produced by the software are only what they are, mere tools! One has to excel in mastering those tools in order to be successful.

Mastering the color theory, pen tools in illustrator and many other essential things are vital to create a noble and spectacular art work. By that intellect, it really does not matter if it is going to be a handmade picture or a digital print. Thus digital art can be referred to as a group term than just a single piece of art form. The types of digital art are varied, some look more like paintings, some feature like photographs, some resemble sketching and drawings, while others give the impression of novel and unique computer mediated artwork. Thus, digital art encompasses both overlapping and innovative varieties of art.

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street-art-romePhotography was once looked upon as a contender to portrait painting, but by the climax it befitted out to be its own customized art, with several guidelines and arenas of interest. As a result, painting proved to be a good escalation for photography, and continued to enhance each other by several means and transformed awareness in new art forms. Today photography is no longer an opponent to painting; instead we look at them as two different media, with diverse benefits and disadvantages. The same holds true for many other fresh digital art forms. All these features gave rise to abstract art.

nirvana_by_aegis_strife-d5iy39xThe 20th century remain a whirling point in the commencement of art, which is chiefly why modern-day artists recurrently grasp for innovative concepts, pause with conventional practices and castoff archetypal designs of beauty. Visual arts encompass many art forms like painting, sketching, sculpturing, literature and performance art which continue to be the most extensively renowned forms. Today’s artist no longer attempt to echo realism, but rather put in effort to give appearance to their inner realm and positive outlook. The deep-rooted characterizations of art have become outdated. Today, in the world of art, art remains to be a constantly evolving universal concept, open to fresh interpretation and too fluid to be restrained down.

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A chainsaw art show is something worth watching. This is where you can see people carving something out of wood using only a chainsaw. They have mastered the craft and can do the job in just a matter of a few minutes. Before the show is over, they can showcase something that will surely blow your mind.

This show allows you to watch them in action. You can just sit there and enjoy the entire process. They will get things done in no time. You won’t believe what they can make out of wood during the show using only a chainsaw.

To begin with, chainsaws are extremely difficult to use. In fact, even the most basic action using a chainsaw is difficult. You would have to train really hard in order to safely cut a tree, let alone carve something out of it.

This is why these experts are worth watching. They can create something that you won’t ever think is possible. They have done it for a long time and now they are willing to travel to places to mesmerise people with their ability.

The most difficult part in carving using a chainsaw is dealing with the small details. Take note that chainsaws are really huge and heavy. They are difficult to manoeuvre. A simple mistake could ruin the entire art piece. Their skill is so unique that only these people can do such a job flawlessly.

Of course, they have prepared well for the show. They also have years of experiences on the bag. They could not just create something magnificent without the right training. They have also worked on several pieces before. Hence, dealing with one beautiful piece in a matter of hours is no longer that difficult for them.

Let’s support them

There are a lot of these experts going to various places to showcase their talent. If they are coming near you, grab the chance to see what they are doing. This is also a way of supporting them for their craft. Not a lot of people can do what they do. Hence, you have to motivate them to go further or even impart their skills for the future generation to see.

You might also want to buy their finished creations. They might be a bit costly, but you have to understand the work that was poured into the masterpiece. You can proudly bring one home and say that you have made the most out of your money.

Learn from them

There are also some of them who provide classes. You might want to take these classes just in case you are interested in doing the show in the future. You may also start a hobby using a chainsaw to create wonderful works of art. Start now by learning the basics. Find out how you can use a chainsaw by buying one from this site. It won’t take time before you can finally learn the skill. Who knows? You can start a career in this field and inspire others to take the same path.

Graphic artists use their creative minds and skills, combined with their technical knowledge working with various design applications to come up with graphics for prints and websites. They combine images and texts to deliver a specific message to their target audience. There are a lot of processes involved in creating art on their computers. Aside from the actual designing itself, there are other things that they need to consider and we will go through them on this post.

1. Meet with the Client

Like with any other project, graphic artists meet with their clients to know what they exactly want and expect. They do not just immediately start designing on their computers because they have to know the idea or the goal in order to have a clear understanding on the output that needs to be achieved. At this point, graphic artists ask their clients things that they need to know, which would help them in creating a design that represents them, such as their history, mission, and vision. Some artists also prepare questionnaires that clients fill up to help them get a clearer view of the project.

2. Research

After the meeting with their clients, further research is done by the graphic artists including finding about the competitors of their clients. The reason behind it is not to copy what’s already existing, but to ensure that their design for the client will be different from the competitors and that it will stand out. They also do research on the target market of the client. This is to understand better what they like so they can incorporate it in their design and get a better chance of getting their attention. If the artist is successful in capturing the interest of the client’s target audience through their design, this potential market is more likely to check out what the client has to offer and convert that into sales.

3. Brainstorm on Ideas

Once the information that the graphic artists needs is collected, they or together with his colleagues, will brainstorm on various ideas that will work for this project. This is where their creativity comes in. They need to look for ways on how to marry together the message of the client and what the target audience might find interesting.

4. Sketch the Design

Once there is a specific design in mind, it’s time to do the sketches. This is a trial and error process. Graphic artists use various methods in sketching their ideas, whichever is more comfortable for them. There are artists who sketch using pen and paper, while others do their sketches on their computers. Many artists also do their sketches on tablets, especially because they can conveniently do their sketches using a stylus. Those with the best android or best iOS version can also run other apps that graphic artists use for their design like text or vector design apps. These designs are then used in the main design itself, which they do on their computers using their main design application, like Adobe Photoshop.

5. Present the Design Idea to Client

Once the mockup design is complete, the graphic artists will meet with their client again to present the design. They will explain what the design is about and the reason behind it. The client will give his input about the design and let the artists know what he wants to be changed, added, or removed.

6. Work on the Actual Design

After the presentation of the mockup design with the client, the graphic artists are now ready to start on the actual design. This is where their technical skills play to work. Graphic artists use different applications for designing, although the most popular is Adobe Photoshop. The time that it takes to complete the project depends on the complexity of the design. However, it usually doesn’t take that long especially since these graphic artists already have a concrete plan on what needs to be done.

Once the actual design has been completed, a final presentation will be given to the client. There may still be some enhancements that need to be made depending on what the client requires, but they are typically not that complicated and they can be done fast, since the design has already been tackled in the mockup.

sewing-machine-1806100_640Being in an arts show is like being the art yourself. You need to look your best. You have to dress in a sophisticated way or else you will look totally out of place. There are even guests who wear signature brands just to come and look at the show. It could cost you a lot to buy that perfect little cocktail dress for this event. You don’t have to make yourself suffer though. Instead of spending a lot of money for a dress that you will wear for just a few hours, it is best if you create one.

Design the dress

Before anything else, you need to draw your design. It has to be representative of who you are. You must also be totally comfortable wearing it. Since you are creating the dress, you can do whatever you want. As long as you can finish it on time, there is nothing wrong in giving it a try. Of course, you also have to consider the theme of the event or if there are special motifs required.

Learn how to sew

This is the hardest part of the process. Conceptualizing the dress is easy. Making it come to life is a totally different story. This is why you need to practice sewing first. If this is your first time, you need to start with simpler yet modern designs. For future events, you can go for something more complicated. It takes time to learn the basics, but once you do, going for the more complex techniques would be easier for you.

It also helps if you use top sewing machines. There are different types of sewing machines available from different brands. You need to find one that has features to make it easier for you to sew. The sewing machine might cost slightly more expensive, but it makes the task a lot easier for you. With the aid of high quality sewing machine, you can create something you won’t even believe you could.

Keep practicing

Nobody says it is easy to make that perfect dress. You also don’t have to push for this idea if you only have a few days left for the event. However, if you have all the time in your hands and the arts show is still several days ahead, you can start sewing now. Who knows? You can even make a career out of it. You can also design for other women, who, just like you, also have a hard time finding ready to wear dresses that fit or finding a good seamstress who does not charge much for her creations.

You can start by practicing the different skills in sewing. You don’t even have to hire an expert to help you out. With online tutorials and videos, you can learn the process by yourself. It helps though if you read reviews so that you can find the best sewing machine and get started with your work now.

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The trampoline is more known as an implement for play, exercise and circus shows. The Inuit developed a game that’s akin to a modern day trampoline, where they toss one another into the air using walrus skin. In 1887, a trampoline-like life net was invented. This was used by firemen to catch people jumping from buildings during fires. Americans George Nissen and Larry Grisworld, both members of the gymnastics team of the University of Iowa created the first modern trampoline in 1936. The name came from trampolin, a Spanish term that means “diving board.” When it came commercially available, the trampoline was used for different applications. It was used in astronaut and flight training. Trampolining became a competitive sport. The bouncing apparatus was used for cross training purposes in such sports as freestyle skiing, gymnastics and diving. Today, it has also found its way in many homes. Homeowners invest in the best trampoline brand for recreational activities and to keep children entertained.

As a tool for art shows, there are two well documented instances where trampolines were used.

Archstoyanie Festival

In the 2012 edition of the Archstoyanie Festival, a Russian art exhibition, a 170-foot long (51.8 metres) trampoline was installed in the middle of a forest in Nikola-Lenivets in Russia. This became the longest trampoline in the world. Its length is equivalent to 13 double decker buses. It is made of reinforced rubber and looks like a grey gravel pathway. The location is now an art park and the art installation, the very long trampoline, is its star attraction, as it was not removed after the exhibition. It is still a hit today as it was since the festival opened. The bouncing runway has entertained festival visitors, as they were able to bounce along the path that was given the name Fast Track.

It was created by the designers of Salto, an architectural firm from Estonia. Russian and foreign architects and designers were given the opportunity to experiment in various forms of visual arts. Fast Track provides a different kind of experience to visitors who walk/bounce along the track. They can pause and look around and enjoy the sights, and bounce to have another perspective of the surrounding landscape. They can play and laugh like children. As Salto said after they have installed Fast Track, they wanted to create interactive and intelligent spaces that will correspond emotionally to the local context (of the place).

Drawing Restraint

Matthew Barney is an American artist of international renown, popular for his richly visual and provocative performances, videos and sculptures. He started Drawing Restraint in 1987, which is a long term project. In this artistic production, Barney proposes that there is parallelism between athletic training and art making. He believes that through resistance, form develops. It includes photographs, drawing, video works and sculpture. In Drawing Restraint 1-6, which was created from 1987-1989, he showed simple studio experiments. Using trampolines installed at an angle, he was shown attempting to mark (put designs) on his walls and ceiling while bouncing.

Although used mainly for sports training and recreational purposes, a trampoline can also be used for art shows. After all, an artist has the skills and creative licence to use anything as a possible art medium.

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Gala-Fine-Art-Annette-Pugh-Dreaming-of-Exotic-Places-3-300x300Though art cannot be defined, this query of what actually art is, snaps up often in the minds of many, but comes out with several fascinating answers. There are several ways to travel through this wonderful thought. Time and again, art is considered as a process or product of consciously positioning elements in a pattern that seems acceptable to the minds, senses or sentiments. It embraces an assorted range of human actions, designs and ways of manifestation, that includes harmony, literature, sculpture and canvases. The implication of art is discovered through a branch of philosophy called aesthetics.

By and large, art is contemplated as an activity or creation prepared by individuals with a communicative or alluring purpose. It could be an expression of thought, an idea, a sensation or, in general, a worldly interpretation. Art, being a constituent of culture, replicates monetary and societal substrate in its scheme. It conveys philosophies and ethics integral in every single culture across the cosmos and time. Its character changes from time to time, obtaining an added aesthetic element and a socio-educational purpose. All these statements turn out to be rudiments of truth but at the same time all these facts are a confluence of opinions.

most handsome man kuala lumpurSometimes art can also be in the form of nature such as beautiful sights, people, animals etc. There’s a reason people like to look at models, it’s a reproductive thing. You look at those genes and then you want to pass them onto your children as they look fit, healthy and strong. The image to the left is a good example, the most handsome man in Kuala Lumpur.

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