June 2017

Graphic artists use their creative minds and skills, combined with their technical knowledge working with various design applications to come up with graphics for prints and websites. They combine images and texts to deliver a specific message to their target audience. There are a lot of processes involved in creating art on their computers. Aside from the actual designing itself, there are other things that they need to consider and we will go through them on this post.

1. Meet with the Client

Like with any other project, graphic artists meet with their clients to know what they exactly want and expect. They do not just immediately start designing on their computers because they have to know the idea or the goal in order to have a clear understanding on the output that needs to be achieved. At this point, graphic artists ask their clients things that they need to know, which would help them in creating a design that represents them, such as their history, mission, and vision. Some artists also prepare questionnaires that clients fill up to help them get a clearer view of the project.

2. Research

After the meeting with their clients, further research is done by the graphic artists including finding about the competitors of their clients. The reason behind it is not to copy what’s already existing, but to ensure that their design for the client will be different from the competitors and that it will stand out. They also do research on the target market of the client. This is to understand better what they like so they can incorporate it in their design and get a better chance of getting their attention. If the artist is successful in capturing the interest of the client’s target audience through their design, this potential market is more likely to check out what the client has to offer and convert that into sales.

3. Brainstorm on Ideas

Once the information that the graphic artists needs is collected, they or together with his colleagues, will brainstorm on various ideas that will work for this project. This is where their creativity comes in. They need to look for ways on how to marry together the message of the client and what the target audience might find interesting.

4. Sketch the Design

Once there is a specific design in mind, it’s time to do the sketches. This is a trial and error process. Graphic artists use various methods in sketching their ideas, whichever is more comfortable for them. There are artists who sketch using pen and paper, while others do their sketches on their computers. Many artists also do their sketches on tablets, especially because they can conveniently do their sketches using a stylus. Those with the best android or best iOS version can also run other apps that graphic artists use for their design like text or vector design apps. These designs are then used in the main design itself, which they do on their computers using their main design application, like Adobe Photoshop.

5. Present the Design Idea to Client

Once the mockup design is complete, the graphic artists will meet with their client again to present the design. They will explain what the design is about and the reason behind it. The client will give his input about the design and let the artists know what he wants to be changed, added, or removed.

6. Work on the Actual Design

After the presentation of the mockup design with the client, the graphic artists are now ready to start on the actual design. This is where their technical skills play to work. Graphic artists use different applications for designing, although the most popular is Adobe Photoshop. The time that it takes to complete the project depends on the complexity of the design. However, it usually doesn’t take that long especially since these graphic artists already have a concrete plan on what needs to be done.

Once the actual design has been completed, a final presentation will be given to the client. There may still be some enhancements that need to be made depending on what the client requires, but they are typically not that complicated and they can be done fast, since the design has already been tackled in the mockup.